COVID-19 Update

Each cabin will be thoroughly disinfected with a bleach or hydrogen peroxide solution, including dishes.  Cleaning staff will wear gloves and masks. The linens will continue to be washed and disinfected by a commercial laundry, and linens will be isolated for a week before being sent to the commercial laundry.
Each cabin will be provided with a cleaning kit, including a spray bottle of disinfectant for guests to use.
We will continue our practice of providing bed linens, pillows and blankets on all cabin beds. Beds will not have bedspreads on them, but bedspreads will be in each bedroom for optional use. Mattresses, pillows and furniture will be sprayed with 70+% alcohol to disinfect. Pillows we provide will have a laundered pillow protector as well as pillow case on them.
** We encourage guests to bring their own pillows and blankets/bedspread/comforters, or sheets. A letter will be sent out prior to your visit, listing the sizes and number of beds in your cabin. We ask that you let us know in advance (call or email) if you are bringing your own bedding.
We will encourage all guests to continue to practicing social distancing while at the resort, keeping a six foot distance with non family members. Use of masks will be optional, unless the State of Minnesota requires it.
Staff will wipe down all rentals with disinfectant prior to equipment rental.
Our store will be open to the public with limited hours.  Communal areas including the bar/coffee area and game room  will be closed at present, following state guidelines. We will have distanced seating outside.  We will limit the number of customers in the store. Resort guests will be able to shop when store is closed by texting or calling Jeff or Lori. We will also be happy to deliver to your cabin anything you need from the store.  All staff will wear gloves and masks.
We will have a drive through / walk-up window for donuts (and store merchandise) for our customers. All donut orders will be preorders and will be packaged by us or our employees – we will not have pick your own donuts this season.
This is a sad one. We won’t have BINGO unless we can figure out how to do it using social distancing. KIDS ACTIVITIES will continue, but each child will have activities in their own cabins. This year, we will be creating a garden – kids will paint a fence picket (which will be put around the garden) and some garden decorations.
Thank you for your understanding and support. Thankfully, resorts are perfect vacation options for this time of social distancing. We look forward to seeing everybody during this, our 97th season.
– Jeff and Lori